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me me me

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Aug. 14th, 2006 | 01:32 am
mood: stressedthe fuck out

-About Yourself -100 Questions-
- General Info -
Hair color?:brown, red, black...
Happy with it?:yes..
If not, what would you change it to?:
Eye color?:hazel
Happy with it?:yes
If not, what would you change it to?:
Skin color?:olive
- Favorites -
Smell?:my Grandmother who is dead
Fast food?:bueno
TV Show?:Thundercats...
Actress?:Jennifer connley
Movie?:Detroit rock city
Shoe brand?:vans
Cat?:My cat
Board Game?:none
Video Game?:fatal frame
- Usernames -
On Aol or AIM?:referluvsyou
On MSN or MSN Messanger?:
On Bzoink?:
On LiveJournal?:mylaststep
On Blurty?:
On Neopets?:
- This or That? -
Coke or Pepsi?:mountain dew
Black or White?:black
Summer or Winter?:winter
Spring or Fall?:spring
Mountains or Plains?:mountains
Rock or Pop?:to hard
Jeans or Khackis?:jeans
Shorts or Capris?:skirts
Message Boards or E-mail?:email
Some good friends or a lot of bad ones?:good friends
TV or computer?:computer
Cordless phone or cell?:cell
MSN or AIM?:aim
Survey or Quiz?:survey
Pink or Red?:red
Christmas or Easter?:easter
Read or Write?:read
Take or Create?:create
Flower or Weed?:weed...:)
Pizza or Antelope?:pizza....?
- Love Life -
Have you ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend?:both..ha
Do you currently have a girlfriend/boyfriend?:no...
How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?:to many...
Does your girlfriend/boyfriend give you presents?:no
- How Many -
Tatoos?:1-2 I dunno
Pairs of Shoes?:10
Musical Instruments?:2
Buckets of Lard?:5000
Hair brushes?:2
- Talents -
Can you sing?:very well
Can you dance?:yes to certain music
Can you decorate?:yes
Can you type fast?:yes
Can you train animals?:Im not sure...
Can you write?:yes
Can you read fast?:yes
Can you sharpen pencils?:.....no.... wtf?
Can you paint?:yes
Can you draw?:yes
- Random -
Name a random song.:Black Sunday
Name a random TV show.:Law and Order
Name a random food.:macaroni
Name a random person.:Tarrence
Name a random animal.:Koala
Name a random holiday.:halloween
Name a random cartoon character.:Liono
- Family -
Do you have siblings?:2
Do you get along with them?:yes
Do you live at home?:yes...
Are your parents divorced?:no
- Are you.. -
In love?:maybe
Glad you took this survey?:sure
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